Boston Marathon entry | neck pain | Missy’s blood test

The Boston Marathon entry results were announced today. I feel bad for the folks who qualified but didn’t get in. I was a tougher standard than last year. Will qualified for the second year in a row but didn’t get in. I feel for him; but he is strong and will keep trying and eventually qualify.

I was in a little bit of discomfort all day today. The pain in my neck persists extending into my left jaw and around my left ear. I rested today. Wise decision!

Missy had her blood drawn today to check her blood-count. It hasn’t changed much from last week but it is just a bit better. The cocktail of medicines she is on is working. The abnormal cyst-looking growth under one of her eyes looks gnarly with coagulated blood but she doesn’t care. She is a happy puppy!

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