Kona Ironman World Championships and Chicago Marathon

It’s rest day today. I’m glad because my throat still feels scratchy. A rest day will do it some good.

Tomorrow is the Ironman World Championships. I’m rooting for the Germans on the men’s side and Mirinda Carfrae on the women’s. It will be hot and windy on the Big Island of Hawaii. I wish I were there to watch. Someday of course, I hope to somehow actually finish the race. For now, my concentration is on running the 6 marathon majors. With Boston down and New York just around the horizon, I will have completed 2 of the 6 by the end of 2015. Next year will be London and hopefully Chicago. Speaking of the Chicago Marathon, it is scheduled for Sunday. It is an exciting race weekend for traithlons and running.

Tomorrow is also my final long run for New York Marathon training. I expect to run for 3 hours at an average of just under 7-miles per hour. My best guess is that I will run just over 20 miles tomorrow. The heat is back up in Arizona. Ugh!

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