Final long run before New York Marathon

Jan Frodeno of Germany and Daniela Ryf of Switzerland won the Ironman World Championships in the men’s and women’s divisions today. They were both incredible and won by comfortable margins. I was rooting for Mirinda Carfrae of Australia but she dropped out because of back spasms. Congratulations to Jan and Daniela! I followed the Ironman online almost all day today!

Early in the morning today, I ran for 20+ miles. I started at Mountain View park and started running on the greenbelt and then onwards on the canal at around 6:15AM. I saw a lovely orange sunrise to my left and felt comfortable for the first 10 miles. I ran into Katie (she runs with Phoenix Fit) and paused for a couple of minutes to talk to her at mile 13. There were tons of runners, bicyclists, walkers and dogs-walkers out and about today. I saw plenty of familiar faces on the canal whose names I don’t know. The old Japanese lady was walking with her large hat to shade her lovely face from the sun; the fast and stocky hispanic runner without a shirt was also out running today. He passed me at around mile 12 with a torrid sub-7 pace. The girl in purple was out running on the sunny side of the canal; it must’ve been tempo run for her today; she too was running at a brisk pace!

At mile 15, I lost it. I was hot and uncomfortable. My pace slowed to a crawl and I finished the last 6 miles at a pretty slow 9:30 pace. Overall though, I managed to run 20.69 miles in exactly 3 hours for an 8:41 average.

I think I have an issue with salt and electrolyte intake. I think my body needs more. I only have 3 more weeks before New York but I am going to introduce salt to my nutrition repretoire starting next week. We’ll see if it helps.

With all my long runs done, let the taper begin…

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