Lethargy to energy running intervals

When you train for endurance events, some days are bad and some are good. Some days are lethargic and some are energetic. Today was a lethargic day. The heat in Arizona has returned with temperatures expected in triple digits again this week. It’s mid-October. This is ridiculous. I dreaded getting on the treadmill today. I had to run intervals.

I buckled up and started running at an easy pace for the first 10 minutes. I had to run 6 intervals of 3 minutes hard and 2 minutes easy-to-medium pace. My first interval was the hardest. I huffed-and-puffed for the first 3 minutes before slowing down. Surprisingly, it all went smoothly from there. I found my mojo and rhythm and finished the final 5 intervals with relative ease. I ended up running 5.73 miles in 45 minutes with the first 10 and the final 10 minutes as warm up and cool down.
I seem to have picked mild allergies over the past couple of days. Otherwise, all systems are perfect! My neck is completely back to normal too.

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