Does anyone know how to raindance?

Why is still so hot in Arizona? It was overcast but almost up to triple-digits again today. I’ve had it with the heat. I have lost count of how many times I have overheated this summer. The count is easily into the double-digits!

I have started watching the weather in New York for race-day. The course runs generally from southwest to northeast. Under ideal conditions, there would be a southwesterly wind at around 10 miles-per-hour at race start and would die down in a couple of hours. Under ideal conditions, it would be overcast with no rain with temperatures hovering in the mid 50s. The forecast on race-day is not out yet but a few days before November 1, it calls for winds from the north and temperatures in the upper 50s. Let’s root for the wind direction to change!

This week is the first of 3 taper weeks. My 6-mile run was hilly but slow. My heartrate was mostly within level 1 but flirting up to level 2. I only averaged 8:49 per mile but it felt effortless. It was hot outside; I should be able to shave off around 20 seconds per mile with the same level of effort.

Tomorrow is rest day. On Saturday, I expect to run 14 miles in a couple of hours. There is a small chance of rain. Maybe I should do a raindance…

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