Will this caterpillar turn into a butterfly?

Instead of starting super-early, I started my 14-mile run at around 8:15AM. As with most of my long runs this season, I started at Mountain View Park and started running soutn on the greenbelt. Instead of running on the greenbelt and then on the canal, I continued on the greenbelt going south. With overcast conditions and temperatures in the upper 70s, the first half of the run was pleasant. I ran by 3 golf courses, numerous lakes and streams and a few coffee shops. Dozens of joggers, dog walkers, bicyclists and roller-bladers were out and about. The only folks who looked unhappy; maybe even smug were the golfers in their silly carts with their silly outfits. I guess some were friendly enough!

I turned around at the 7-mile mark and ran the same way back. The only time I stopped was to drink water twice and to take a picture of this lovely caterpillar. He had strayed on the running path from the grass and was racing to get back. I love caterpillars. I love their body patterns and I love the they walk. The patterns on their bodies help with camouflage from predators. Someday, this dude will turn into a lovely butterfly.

I maintained my 8:30ish pace for the last few miles but I overheated yet again. Temperatures were well into he mid 80s by the time I finished. 14 miles in 1:57 with an average of 8:25 is a decent taper run.

There’s a new venture brewing. We are proving out he model. It’s called The Bacpac Club. More details coming soon…

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