Rainbow, Sphinx Moth Caterpillar, #lifeisgood

I have blogged numerous times that I love to run in the rain. Today was a perfect evening for a quick 2-mile run through a light drizzle as the sun set behind me and a gorgeous rainbow appeared over the McDowell Mountain range with dark clouds behind it. It definitely lifted my spirits as I jogged back from Rahul’s place to my place this evening. It was warm and humid, and it was a #lifeisgood moment.

Earlier today, this caterpillar was in my courtyard. He was bigger than my index finger and had a badass neon green pattern mixed in with a darker shade of maroon. I googled it and it is most like some variety of a Sphinx Moth Caterpillar. I am no entemologist but the caterpillar looked pretty lethargic. I hope he wasn’t dying. I was afraid to touch him or even pick him up and put him on a plant. I let him be…

I have a mild strain on the right-front side of my neck. Early last week, it was the left-front of my neck that was strained. Now the pain is almost a mirror image although this time it is not radiating up to my temples or the back of my neck. I can feel it mildly in my right ear. Hopefully it is just a passing strain and will vanish in a couple of days. Maybe I will rest tomorrow!

This evening, the Whoopie Babes came over for a fine Italian dinner complete with fine Italian wine. Pici pasta was served along with homemade bread. Good food, fine wine, stimulating conversation, running in the rain, a neon caterpillar and new ideas brewing with new friends…it was a good day today!

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