A blue rocking chair

My neck still hurts. For a second straight day, I rested. It was another gorgeous day; I had to refrain from the temptation of running. My neck should be good enough for an easy 5-miler tomorrow. Hopefully!

When were in Washington, DC a couple of months ago, we saw some pretty cool furniture at a store called Room&Board. After we returned back home, we took measurements, ordered swatch samples and ordered new furniture for the living room. Our current furniture is pretty nice but is now more than ten years old. We are giving it all away. This Saturday, friends are coming to pick it up. We will have an empty living room for the next couple of weeks. I look forward to some empty space where we can sit on the carpet or sit Indian style. I’ll post up a picture of the empty living room. The next step is to replace curtains! Phase 2.

The coolest piece of furniture we bought is a rocking chair. Blue of course. I can’t wait for it all to arrive!

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