Living room is a yoga studio

Before (top) – After (bottom) – Living Room

The suspected scorpion-bite from earlier this week seems to have left some residual stiffness in my right leg. If my knee pain was caused by a scorpion-bite, I can still feel it in my right hip and my right calf. It feels as if my right leg is an inch shorter than my left. I can’t say that it hurts but the spring from my step is definitely impacted. The stiffness is hard to describe; it is kinda like pins and needles but very very very very mild. I’m certain it will pass before my race a week from today.

Our living room is empty. You can see the before-after picture above. It will stay empty until after we return from New York. It feels like a yoga studio or even a church space. There is an echo in the room. Missy was confused at first but she got used to the space quickly. The growth on Missy’s eye is gnarly but her energy is coming back to normal. She’s clingy these days which suits me just fine.

This afternoon, I went to the gym and mixed in jogging around the indoor track with a few strength moves. It was a short, easy workout that lasted all of 36 minutes. Taper time is good time!

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