There are 4 kinds of people

If you break it all down into endurance running terms, there are only 4 kinds of people. I’m happy that I am in the 4th category! They should add a 5th kind; “People who have run all Marathon Majors.” I hope to get there someday.

Race week is here. It will be a super-easy training week capped by the race on Sunday:

  • Monday (today): Rest and relax
  • Tuesday: Easy 4-mile run
  • Wednesday: Easy 4-mile run
  • Thursday: Easy 3-mile run (fly out on the redeye to NYC on Thursday night)
  • Friday: No training but a hectic, busy day in NYC
  • Saturday: Easy 2-mile run, rest and prep for the race; heavy carb meal in the evening
  • Sunday: The New York Marathon

The stiffness on my leg remains. It feels about the same as it did yesterday but it will subside in a day or two. I rested today!

My race plan is taking shape. It is not finalized yet but it is getting close. It goes something like this:

  • First Mile (uphill): run very relaxed; it’s okay to run the first mile at 10-minute pace
  • Miles 2 to 6: relax some more; try to make sure that heartrate stays below 144
  • Miles 6 to 13: stay relaxed and smile, but pick up the pace just a bit; high-five a few folks at the half-marathon mark; let heartrate flirt to 150
  • Miles 13 to 18: don’t get over-excited by the crowds; manage a smooth cadence and pace; heartrate below 155
  • Miles 18 to 24: it’s okay to run a good pace but gauge your effort to make sure you are still poised; don’t worry about heartrate
  • Mile 24 to finish: bring it home; give it all you have and enjoy Central Park
I’m giddy with excitement. I can’t wait…

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