Race Prep for the New York Marathon

Picture taken by Luisiana Rios, Emmy nominee in 2012 (Google her)
The stage is set for the New York Marathon tomorrow. The race prep is done. I had beet salad and a large portion of pasta with Bolognese sauce to load up on carbs.
Where’s the Top Hat?
I went for a quick 2-mile run around Central Park and ran into Luisiana Rios Little did I know that she is a celebrity in the Latino community and an Emmy nominee in 2012. Embarrassingly, I spoke to her as if I was the celebrity! I took her picture and she took mine at mile-25. We were goofing around…and wished each other luck for tomorrow’s race.
It is expected to warm up into the 60s tomorrow. There will be no need to wear long sleeves while running. From top to bottom, I will wear my Santa Barbara visor, a headband around my neck, my white Snapathon shirt with my bib pinned on it (not the gloves pictured), blue Lululemon shorts with a side and back pocket, neon-green Zensah calf sleeves, Asics New York Marathon socks and Saucony Boston Marathon shoes. I will carry my iPod and a Nathan fuel belt for nutrition. The rest is up to my body, my mind and a bit of luck.
My self-made race predictor expects that I will finish in around 3:45. Of course, in a marathon, anything can go wrong. There are too many variables where tragedy can strike. If all goes well, I will break that time. If not, I could even take an hour longer!
I hope to sleep now. Anything more than 3 hours of sleep is bonus.

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