Licking my wounds from the New York Marathon

I’m still licking my wounds from the disastrous race yesterday. The bridges of the New York marathon humbled me. I had worked long and hard for the past four months. It didn’t pay off. My training regimen was inadequate for the number of hills that New York presented. I made several other mistakes. I will blog about these in the next couple of days.

Fall colors on display at Central Park

After waking up late this morning, we went to the expo at the finish line in Central Park. Fall has brought out lovely hues of orange, yellow and even pink. Squirrels were frolicking here and there gathering nuts for the winter.

There were long lines for finishing gear and medal engraving. I picked up a finisher t-shirt and a white finisher visor. I ate a lamb gyro from one of the halal stands at Columbus Circle and soaked in New York sitting on the steps by the fountain. Binita had a spicy hotdog!

I reflected on the race while eating. No, I didn’t have a good race but I still get to check off a marathon major from my bucket list. I have 4 more to go. If all goes as per plan, I will run London (April) and Berlin (September) in 2016; and Tokyo (Spring) and Chicago (Fall) of 2017. London is already confirmed. I will learn about the Berlin lottery in December.

In the evening, we went to a lovely restaurant on 42nd street called Aureole. We then headed for the inaugural TED Talks Live presentation in New York of “The Education Revolution” at The Town Hall in the theater district on 43rd. Even the Empire State Building was lit in red to honor the TED Talks Live inauguration. The highlight was easily Sal Khan’s talk about changing the system of education worldwide.

A few high powered celebrities in entertainment were in attendance including Steven Spielberg, Kate Capstone and Monica Lewinski.

Early tomorrow morning, we fly back home!

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