First run since the New York Marathon

I ran for the first time since the New York Marathon. It was an easy, comfortable 4-miler near my office. My heartrate was in the low to mid 140s and I averaged 8:20 per mile on the flat course.

I find it puzzling that my heartrate was flirting up into the 150s in the cool temperatures during the New York Marathon in the first few miles. I was barely running at an 8:30 per mile average. Granted that it was hilly with steep ups and downs, and there were tons of runners I had to weave through; but still, I should have easily managed a lower heartrate at even a faster average speed. It is annoying that I don’t have a good answer for this!

I need to run another race to feel “normal” again. The New York Marathon has shaken my speed confidence. It has also shaken my mind-strength confidence. I should run a 10k or 15k in December. I should also run a Turkey Trot during Thanksgiving. Good idea!

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