International travel in 2016

My niece Sanjana got engaged today. It’s a happy day in the family. Congratulations Sanjana and Abhay.

2016 is going to be a year of International travel for me. There is a decent chance that I will fly to India twice and Europe twice:

  • Jan/Feb: Fly to India for my nephew’s wedding in Mumbai, visit Good News India Dreamcenters around Bhubaneshwar, visit Delhi/Agra and then fly home to Ahmedabad. Some of the board members from Pipeline Worldwide will join me.
  • April: Fly to London to run the London Marathon followed by a mini-vacation maybe in Portugal or somewhere close by.
  • September: If I am lucky enough to get into the Berlin Marathon lottery, I’ll fly to Germany and maybe Croatia for another mini-vacation.
  • November: Sanjana will most likely get married in November to Abhay. Binita and I will fly down to India for the wedding and then visit a jungle or two in India.

I ran again today for about 4 miles at an easy heartrate and pace. Unlike yesterday, today’s run was flat as a pancake.

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