Visiting Antelope Canyon this weekend

I did not take this amazing picture of Antelope Canyon. It is a random picture I found on the Internet!

This weekend, Julie and Len arrive from Tennessee. Marty and Brian arrive from Florida. We plan to drive up to Page Arizona and visit Antelope Canyon. I have seen some incredible pictures on Antelope Canyon taken by professional photographers. I will take my trusted old Canon SLR camera with a tripod and attempt a few pictures. I haven’t delved into photography in a few years; we’ll see if I still have the skills and an eye for it. Photography inherently works; hence my chances of taking average pictures are pretty good!

More than visiting the Canyon, I’m excited that good friends are visiting. It’s a tradition for us to get together this time of the year and celebrate Sweet November. I’m certain it will be a food and wine fest from start to finish!

For training, I rested today. My blood test will be next week. I’m optimistic that all will be well and I will start biking again by end of December.

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