Running on the sweetwater bridge near Parsus

I ran around the Parsus office for 5.25 miles in 44 minutes. It was a flat run. I started south and west before crossing the 101 on the weird-looking Sweetwater pedestrian bridge before coming back up north and back east to the office. It was a windy outside with the wind blowing from west to east but it felt good.

Missy’s blood test results came back and she is pretty much the same. The doc asked us to reduce her steroid dosage a little. Her gnarly growth under her right eye remains but there is not much we can do about it. I don’t have the heart to post a picture because it looks gross. It does not match her loving, caring, clingy (albeit crazy) personality. I keep it clean with water and sometimes a bit of alcohol. It constantly looks scabby but she doesn’t seem to care much. As long as we give her treats (and we do all the time), she is happy!

Missy is almost 13 now. She shakes a bit as if she is cold. Sometimes it makes me sad to see her that way. She is happy dog though and still does her crazy shenanigans. She also has become a lot more compulsive about her habits; kinda like Simi was. We called Simi “Prozac-puppy.” Needless to say, I still miss her a lot. Today is exactly 13 months since Simi passed away. Sad!

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