Running in Sedona and driving to Page, AZ

It was a hectic day today. It started with the 6 of us (Julie, Len, Marty, Brian, Binita, me) driving up to Sedona in Rahul’s minivan. Missy is spending the weekend with my mother-in-law and the six of us will travel to Page via Sedona.

We reached Sedona around noon. It was a perfectly pleasant day for running with bright sunny skies and no real wind to speak off. I started running at the Chapel of the Holy Cross and ran alongside highway 89A going north to Tlaquepaque. It was a net downhill run with undulating hills for 3 of the 4 miles.

Sedona is gorgeous. Red rocks are everywhere. Canyons and buttes with evergreen trees surround you as you drive (or run) up highway 89A. There are art galleries, curio shops, hotels  and restaurants on every nook and corner. Various signs advertise newage activities like yoga and palm reading and even halo photography. Sedona is a mecca for spirituality. It is a modern-day hippie paradise. We had lunch at the usual El Rincon Mexican Restaurant before driving up to Page.

Tomorrow we will visit the slot canyons and horseshoe bend point where the Colorado forms a swirly “U” before flowing southwest through the Grand Canyon. The tours will be punctuated by eating, drinking and laughter. Good times…

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