Antelope Canyon, Dinosaur Tracks in Page, AZ

It was another hectic but amazing day today. When you are with good friends (Julie, Len, Marty, Brian, Binita, me) and are visiting amazing places, not much can go wrong. Today was filled with fun activities, excellent food and lots of wine!

Early this morning, we visited Upper Antelope Canyon. If you are near Northern Arizona, you must visit Antelope Canyon. It is a photographer’s dream. Even with a puny iPhone camera, you can take some amazing pictures. If you are a photo enthusiast with a large-format camera (35mm and up), a tripod and some skills, you are in for an absolute treat. The pictures you see on this blog were all taken with my iPhone. Imagine what you can do with a REAL camera!

The canyons are shaped by water as it gushes down into Lake Powell through deep cracks in the ground. Every year, there are multiple flash-floods through these canyons raising and lowering the canyon floor; and shaping the canyons wider and deeper. Millions of tourists visit here annually but it doesn’t feel crowded.

We also stopped by horseshoe bend where the Colorado River makes a U-shaped “bend” making it the most photographed point (other than the Grand Canyon of course) on the river. It was a lovely sunny day but a little chilly. There were more than a hundred tourists taking umpteen pictures of the gorgeous view.

Binita and Julie at Horseshoe Point

We ate lunch at a Texas BBQ joint called Big John’s Texas BBQ. It was definitely a wild-west restaurant where the most striking decoration was a wrought-iron sign with multiple revolvers that read “We don’t call 911.” All we cared about though was the food, and it was delish!

Dinosaur tracks at the Glen Canyon Nat’l Rec Area Visitor Center

It got colder in the afternoon but I braved the windy and rainy conditions to go out for a quick 3.6 mile hilly run in 30-minute, before ending the day at a scenic overlook to see the sunset. Unfortunately, the cloud-cover prevented us from seeing the sun setting!

It is supposed to snow tomorrow in Page and Flagstaff as we head back home.

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