Blizzard in Flagstaff

Blizzard in Flagstaff

A good portion of the day was spent driving back from Page to Scottsdale. The highlight of the drive was the blizzard we drove through in Flagstaff. It all started a few miles north of San Francisco peaks. The mountains were mostly covered in clouds;whatever portions were visible were completely blanketed with snow. As we approached the base of the mountain just outside Flagstaff, snow began to fall. It only got more and more severe as we drove on until visibility was about 100 feet with white-out conditions! As you can see from the picture, snow was coming down horizontally.

We don’t get to experience snow often in Scottsdale. While driving through it is no fun, it did look enchantingly beautiful. It only lasted about 10 miles before temperature warmed to the 40s and snow turned to freezing rain and ultimately rain.

We stopped by Page Springs Winery on our way home and had a nice lunch in the cozy confines of the tasting room. By the time we got home, it was already around 5PM.

In the evening, we saw the new James Bond movie called Spectre at iPic. It was a standard 007 movie; pretty average with lots of action but quite predictable.

Missy and I are happy that we are back home again. My next trip is not until either Christmas or later. Tomorrow, everyone leaves. The house will be back to empty.

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