Marathon Majors for now but maybe another Ironman in the future

Tomorrow is my blood test. My last test was pretty close to normal but I stayed on blood-thinner medication just to be safe. If this test yields the same results (fingers crossed), I will (hopefully) bid permanent goodbye to Xarelto. I will restart bicycling which means I will restart doing triathlons. If all goes well, I will start with smaller races and gradually progress to longer ones; maybe even another Ironman!

My appointment with my hematologist is next week (November 23, 2015). I will know at my appointment how we are going to proceed.

For now, I hope to run two more Marathon Majors in 2016. London Marathon is already on the schedule for April, 2016 and Berlin Marathon will get on my schedule if I win a lottery spot. If I don’t, I will try for the Chicago Marathon in October, 2016.

Since my blood-test is tomorrow, I rested today. I want my body to be normal for the test. In about a week, I will know…

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