Factor VIII and Antithrombin III Activity Tests

Some of my blood tests are back. So far so good. The tests that have come back were expected to be normal. There were no surprises.

There are two numbers that the hematologist is looking for:

  • Factor VIII Assay Test: This test is to determine whether my body produces a healthy level of this particular coagulation factor. The body needs factor VIII in order to form blood clots. In my case, I have too much Factor VIII activity. My numbers on my two previous Factor VIII tests on May 7 and August 7 of 2015 were 248% and 160%. I need a number close to 100% (although 160% is acceptable because of my Antithrombin III Activity Test results). To assist with blood thinning (or not hypercoagulating), I am on Xarelto.
  • Antithrombin III Activity Test: This test is used to measure the amount of antithrombin protein in my body. Antithrombin is a natural blood thinner in the body. A high level of Antithrombin III Activity means that the body is adequately capable of thinning blood. Of course too much of it just means that one’s blood is too thin. In my case, I want there to be a high level of Antithrombin III Activity. During my last test on May 7 and August 7 of 2015, the levels were at 101% and 97% respectively. These are perfectly normal numbers!
All this is too technical for me. All I want to see is numbers hovering around 100% for both so I can get off my blood-thinning medication and can start biking again. Trocket and Therapy are both hanging in the garage waiting to gear up (pun intended)!
Work was quite busy today. I ran out of time for training!

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