Swimming in a sparse pool after eons at The Village

After months of hiatus from swimming, I took the plunge in the water at The Village. It was a gorgeous day with lovely sunshine and virtually no wind. I dreaded jumping in the water but found it refreshingly easy to swim more than a mile today. I started with a warm-up of 400 followed by 100×4 medium pace, 50×8 fast pace and 25×16 sprints before cooling down.

I recently created an account on Facebook for the first time ever. It was meant to be a test account for some mundane software testing at work. Somehow, a few friends and colleagues got wind of it and I have few “friends” now. I don’t expect to be active on it but have connected my Twitter handle with my Facebook account; I guess there will be a bit of activity on my Facebook feed. Welcome to the 21st century!

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