Race prep for tomorrow’s Fountain Hills Turkey Trot

It’ll be cold tomorrow at the Fountain Hills Turkey Trot 5k race. It’s a hilly course. Otherwise, it should be perfect running conditions. 5k races are hard. You tend to go all out from the beginning and try to hang on to your pace at the end of the race. Tomorrow’s 5k will be even harder because the last half-a-mile is straight uphill. If I can sustain a pace faster than 7-minute-per-mile, I will be happy!

I ran 3.1 miles today with 4×30 second sprints around the Parsus office. It felt comfortable and smooth. I’m definitely not in peak shape right now but should be able to handle tomorrow’s 5k handily.

As you can see from the picture on the left, all my race prep is done except I don’t have my bit yet. Notice that I am going to wear an orange neck-warmer to shield from the cold tomorrow. I’ll have to get to the race start a little early to pick up my bib. With any luck, it will have the numbers 5 or 7 in it (that’s the extent of my superstition). After the New York Marathon debacle, I’ll be happy with a sub 22-minute 5k (especially on this course).

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