Day trip to Sedona

When we have friends and/or family visiting, we usually take them somewhere for a day-trip. Today, we took 2 cars (including Rahul/Janki’s van) to Sedona. It was a hectic but fun day. We started out at around 10:30AM from Scottsdale and reached Sedona in a couple of hours. In Sedona it was the usual visits to Chapel of the Holy Cross and Tlaquepaque. It was crowded with lots of traffic and lots of tourists.

As per tradition, we had lunch at El Rincon in Tlaquepaque and loaded up on Prickly Pear Margaritas. By the time we returned, it was already dark. There was no time or inclination for a workout today.

I started taking the daily baby aspirin today. It is far better than taking that mild rat poison I was on (Xarelto)!

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