Running the Berlin Marathon in September, 2016

Last year I entered my name to the Berlin Marathon 2015 lottery. I was promptly rejected. Earlier this year, I entered the New York Marathon 2015 lottery. I won and ran the race exactly a month ago. A few months ago, I entered the London Marathon 2016 lottery. I was rejected but somehow managed to get in through a travel agent.

A couple of months ago, I entered the Berlin Marathon lottery for 2016. I found out early this morning that I’m in! I will run London in April and Berlin in September of 2016. By the end of 2016, I should have 2 more marathon majors under my belt. Boston and New York in 2015; London and Berlin in 2016. That leaves Chicago and Tokyo for 2017.

I also have plans on running a marathon in Africa (either Kenya or South Africa), one in Australia (probably Sydney) and one in South America (maybe Chile).

What can I say? I love to run!

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