Back in the saddle after 18 months

It was 18 months ago that I was diagnosed with Pulmonary Embolism. When there are 6 clots in your lungs including a saddle clot, you have to get on strong blood thinner medication. Since I was on Xarelto (a mild form of rat poison) which has no antidote, any head trauma would be quite deadly for me. Hence I was banned from bicycling.

That all changed last week. I finally was taken off Xarelto and waited a week for it to clear my system. Yesterday I cleaned out my bike (Therapy) and lubricated it lightly. It probably needs service but it is good enough to go out for a short ride.

Today, I went for my first bike-ride in 18 months. It was short and slow (12 miles averaging under 16MPH) and very happy to have the wind flowing through my helmeted hair. After my long run of 13.1 miles yesterday, my legs were a little sore; but it felt good to loosen them up on the bike.

I’m already looking at doing my first triathlon since the Cabo Ironman 20+ months ago!

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