Tickets booked for India

Rest days are boring but essential for training. I am not actually training for any race right now but still like to stay fit and healthy.

I woke up with mild soreness in my calf muscles. It was probably a result of the long run on Saturday followed by my first bike ride in more than 18 months. I used my leg muscles pretty hard on Saturday and then likely used muscles that have been dormant for 18 months. Anyhow, the soreness was temporary and is already gone!

I have booked my tickets to India. I’m flying out on the 28th of January and returning on the 13th of February. This time I am flying Lufthansa; they were offering some super-duper deals. I may stay over in Chicago for the night to spend time with my old friends Sande and Kevin before flying out to Mumbai!

While in India, it looks like I will spend time in Mumbai, Bhubaneshwar, Kolkata (maybe), New Delhi, Agra and of course Ahmedabad. It will be a whirlwind trip but I very much look forward to it! I’ll give details on each destination sometime over the holidays.

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