Are all Cadillac SUV owners jerks?

There is a stereotype about SUV drivers. They are widely regarded as American suburban consumerist jerks. North Scottsdale is full of SUVs. If you own a Cadillac SUV, your pig-factor is compounded. Mind you, this is not my opinion. It is a stereotype. I’m sure there are some very nice, generous, considerate and giving Cadillac SUV owners and drivers (satire intended).

The Cadillac SUV owner (pictured above) parked next to my car today was definitely not nice, definitely not considerate and definitely didn’t know how to park. I had parked first and then this Cadillac SUV parked next to me. On the other side of the Cadillac was a car parked right in the middle of the parking spot. Obviously this Cadillac SUV driver needs parking lessons. This Cadillac SUV driver simply solidified the stereotype. It’s a good thing that I am a thin runner and had no trouble getting in to my car!

Early this evening, I went for the routine 5.25-mile run around the Parsus office. I saw the sun dipping down into the western horizon as I ran through neighborhoods and parks lined with various cacti and a few palm trees. It was a perfectly pleasant evening in North Scottsdale.

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