A tough golf shot

This Sunday I plan to go on my first group bikeride since May of 2014. It’ll probably be around 40 or so miles on relatively flat terrain with Kristi, Katie, Mike and a couple of other guys from The Village. I’m excited!

Today I ran for a short 4+ miles around the DC Ranch neighborhood. On my way back, I ran through the golf course and saw that some poor golfer’s ball had landed exactly on top of a barrel cactus. In my golfing days a decade ago, I’ve been in similar situations. I just don’t have the patience for golf; 7 holes and I’m done!

This evening was the Parsus holiday party at Beckett’s table in Phoenix. It was nice to see more than a dozen of us gathered for an excellent and festive dinner. We gave out a few gifts (iWatches, Chromebooks, etc.) to our staff. They totally deserve it!

Tomorrow is Binita’s office holiday party.

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