Loving the 39-mile bikeride

Slow bikeride – Sonora Desert Dr.

Pure exhilaration. That was the feeling for most of my bikeride today. A small group of 6 rode just short of 39 miles this chilly Arizona morning. Joining me were Kristi, Mike, Katie, Tom and William. Pure exhilaration!

Ready for a chill bike ride

At 10 minutes before 9AM, it was 37 degrees and sunny as Kristi and Mike pulled in. I was already ready with layers and layers of clothing. Binita took this picture just before I left this morning. You can see that I was dressed to brave the chilly Arizona morning.

We rode down the hill to The Village where Katie, Tom and William were waiting. It took about 20 minutes to warm up as we headed north on Pima. We took a left on Jomax and eventually rode the empty expanse of Sonora Parkway before turning around and coming back. I loved every moment of the two-and-a-half-hour ride. The air was chilly but there was hardly any wind and the skies were brilliant blue with sunshine.

I’m back on the bike. I was slow and labored, but I’m back!

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