My one and only Christmas wish

It remains chilly in Arizona. The sun shines brightly but the air feels cold. There is barely any wind to speak of. Late afternoons are a good time to go out running if one can escape from work. I can!

I ran for 5.5 miles around my office at a smooth 8:15 per mile pace. This time I took a slightly different route going south to Cactus, eat to Frank Lloyd Wright and coming back diagonally northwest to the Parsus office. I felt a chill throughout the run but it was a comfortable chill. Music was blaring from my iPod as I ran to rhythm of songs by the likes of Selena Gomez, Black Eyed Peas, Beckah Shae, Avicii and Dido.

I look forward to Christmas. I have only one wish. I want Missy to be her old self again. We lost Simi last year; my heart is still broken from that loss. The thought of losing Missy is unbearable. I hope she still has few happy and healthy years left…

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