Hand gestures, leans, cadence, braking and gear-shifts

A few of us made plans to go out biking today. The plans fizzled. I went out alone for a 17.5-mile ride not far from my house. It was a nice, cool day to ride alone. I’m still getting back into the subtleties of road biking. The hand gestures, the leans while turning, the cadence of the pedal stroke, the weight on the handlebar, the braking, the gear-shift, even where to ride within the bike lane…and dozens of other subtleties…they all come back quickly.

I hit a ton of red lights on my short ride today. Overall, it felt good to just be out there on the bike.

Missy has some health issues again. She has diarrhea. Poor thing…her blood test was positive for pancreatitis. When the vet first told me, I had a brief freak-out moment but it sounds like it is easily controlled. We have to change her regimen and dosage of medicine and put her on a special prescription food diet. She seems to love the new food and eats as much as we give her heartily. For the next couple of days, we have to give her less food and watch her. Other than her diarrhea, she is hale and hearty! She’ll be fine…I hope!

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