Work, Run, Wine, Sleep

It is no secret that I love to run. When the run is mostly downhill, I love it even more.

Today after work, as the sun set behind Camelback mountain, I ran the greenbelt and canal for a point-to-point downhill run from Mountainview Park to oldtown Scottsdale. It was chilly out there. There was nary a soul out there on the canal braving the cold and imminent darkness. I ran 6.4 miles in 50 minutes for at a brisk 7:50 average before meeting up with Binita, Don and Debbie at Aridus Wine in oldtown.

I gulped down two bottles of water before settling in for a lovely evening with lively conversation, food and wine. Somewhere in there I changed from my sweaty running clothes to regular clothes before settling in.

Missy continues to be up-and-down. She’s eating well but goes between lethargy and energy. The meds have side-effects that don’t help. We’ll see what her next round of blood-tests say.

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