Los Gatos uphill on a bike

Tomorrow is Christmas. Today is technically not a day off but I barely did any work. The last two weeks of the year are typically slow.

Missy is feeling much better today. The new meds seem to be working. She is alert and even barks at neighbors walking dogs. Normally I would ask her to stop but today I encouraged her. Her barking is music to my years.

I went biking today with Shelly and Mark. We only rode 20 miles at a slow, easy pace. It was chilly when we started riding going east on Thompson Peak and then north on Pima. Shelly showed us a new route going uphill towards the McDowell mountains on Los Gatos snaking around to Pinnacle Peak road. We were working on gentle to steep uphills for barely 4 miles before reaching the apex cul-de-sac where Shelly took the selfie with Pinnacle Peak in the background. Our return downhill on Hayden was at a brisk pace. I did most of the work with Mark and Shelly riding right behind me.

We saw “The Big Short” at iPic yesterday. It’s a movie about the financial crisis. I thought it would be a good movie but…meh.

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