Monkeying around on Merry Christmas

Super-cool Monkey Mug

Merry Christmas.

I did not receive new training gadgets this year. I did not want any. I am happy with my Garmin 910XT. Santa (aka Binita) did give me a super-funky super-cool monkey-business coffee mug today (pictured above). I look forward to enjoying coffee every morning in my cool monkey mug.

I ran the DC Ranch loop today. It was chilly all day but I decided to brave it in short sleeves. After about a mile, I warmed up to a comfortable run averaging 8:25 per mile for a total of 6.4 miles.

The whoopie babes came over for dinner. Binita brought out the China. It was a formal and festive Indian food feast with the two of us, B’s mom, Amit, Dana, Karen and Jennifer. Good times!

This evening, I feel a little congested in my sinus. I hope it is not the first signs of a cold. I’ve been pretty healthy all through 2015 and would like to keep that record intact. We shall see…

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