17 weeks to London Marathon

I did nothing today. I was down and out with a cold and flu-like symptoms. I slept hard last night after taking Nyquil and woke up with a bodyache. I felt lethargic all day. After popping a couple of Advils, I slept for 3 hours in the afternoon, woke up for a bit and went right back to sleep for another hour.

Binita, her mom, Amit and Dana went to Desert Botanical Gardens to see the luminarias light display in the evening. I hung out with Missy at home. After a good night’s sleep and a whole day of rest, I finally felt better late in the evening to go out to dinner at Spiga (a decent Italian restaurant in North Scottsdale).

Tomorrow, my official London Marathon training begins. It’s a 17 week program that will start easy and pick up steam in February and March of 2016. I may rest another day (tomorrow).

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