A bike ride on the last day of the 2015

Walking Missy on the last day of 2015

Naman arrived yesterday. We have house full for the next couple of days. Amit and Dana are already here! It’s gorgeous in Scottsdale with bright blue skies and scattered clouds. Missy feels better and better with each passing day.

Michigan State got their asses kicked today by annoying Alabama. Binita was not happy to see the 38-0 shellacking. We saw the game with a few friends and family at a bar on Market Street in DC Ranch. As always, food and wine were flowing freely while primitive football showed on half-a-dozen TVs surrounding us!

Before the game, I went for a 22-mile solo bike ride. I like the new route Shelly showed me last week. The uphill on Los Gatos is short but quite steep. My heart was pumping into the 160s going uphill on it.

After the game, Mitch and Nancy came over for dessert. We thought about ringing in the new year but are too tired to say up!

Well…Happy New Year. I have no resolutions for 2016, but 2015 was a good year. I’m happy that I am back on track to do another triathlon soon!

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