2015 was a good year

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2016. I expect it to be 366 days full of adventure, fun and travel (yes, 2016 is a leap year).

2015 was a good year. I ran two Marathon Majors (Boston, New York) and registered for two more (London, Berlin) in 2016. For most of the year, I was on extreme blood thinner medication (Xarelto) preventing me from biking. Towards the end of the year, my blood results showed signs of normalcy prompting my hematologist to finally take me off blood thinner medication. In December, I started biking again.

Binita and I missed Simi dearly in 2015. I’m not used to her absence and still have dreams that I am hanging out with her. I also have this recurring nightmare that I am protecting Missy and Simi from a wild langoor monkey. I’ve had this nightmare about a dangerous langoor monkey ever since I was a kid. Speaking of Missy, she slowed down considerably after Simi’s departure and had a tough year medically. Somehow, she’s still  a happy puppy but her blood count remains low and she has a few other medical issues. She’s being medicated with steroids for the past few months to help with her low blood counts. Unfortunately, over the past month or two, the side-effects have started to show.

At work, 2015 was an excellent year. We lost a couple of key clients but more than made up for it with a few new ones. Our team at Parsus is strong and stable. Our team at nSpire is strong and stable too. I’m now a partner at Snapathon and am still investigating the viability of bacpac.

Binita and I were able to squeeze in a few trips in 2015. Rhodes (Greece), Paris (France), Boston, Washington, DC and New York were a few of our vacations. 2016 will be a year of International travel for me. I already have trips planned in January/February (India), April (UK), September (Germany) and November (India again). We may take a small vacation somewhere closeby in the summer.

To kick off the year, I ran the usual 6.4 mile DC Ranch loop at pace of 8:22 per mile.

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