Missy has pancreatitis

If you saw Missy for the first time today, you’d think she is in pretty good health. She has a gnarly growth near her left eye and she shivers as if she is cold but she is active and agile. She is almost 13 now and slowing down but she remains spunky. Apparently, tests show that she has pancreatitis. Most dogs show signs of pain and lethargy but Missy doesn’t. The vet is not sure of the cause but thinks it may be a side effect of her steroids. She’s been on steroids because her blood count has been low. So now she has to stay on her prescription digestive diet to get rid of her inflamed pancreas and also possibly reduce (or even eliminate) steroids. It’s complicated but she is happy. To me, her happiness counts for more than any blood test can show!

It remains cold and dreary outside. It’s been raining off and on all day. I decided to go to the gym and run for 4.5 miles at a gingerly pace of 8:20 per mile. Treadmill running is no fun but convenient when the weather outside does not cooperate!

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