When the medicine ball breaks

I’ve been talking about the weather a lot lately. That’s because it has been rainy and dreary and cold here in Scottsdale. Usually when my friends call from un north and ask about the weather, I say “What weather?” Not so lately…

Jamie’s class rocked as usual. It was an hour of thumping music with superhigh energy. A perfect mix of cardio and strength with weights on the bosu ball, gliders, steps and medicine ball was on the menu today. I went at it pretty hard. Towards the latter part of the class, we were doing lunges and hard throws with the medicine ball. One of my hard throws resulted in rubber pieces breaking off from the medicine ball and flying all over the room. Sometimes I don’t know my own strength!

It’s the second week of London Marathon training now. So far, traing has gone perfectly. This weekend, I expect to run a friendly 10k race with the LLS team. Next weekend is the Rock ‘n’ Roll half marathon in Tempe.

2016 is off to a decent start.

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