KJZZ fundraiser, Buck & Rider

At the KJZZ wine event with Debbie

On my London Marathon training schedule, today was cross-training day. If drinking wine and eating a big sushi dinner is considered cross-training, I did quite well!

It started this evening with Don and Debbie at a KJZZ (local NPR radio station) wine-tasting fundraiser at a place called the Wine Vault or something on 44th St and Camelback. It was held mostly outdoors with pretty weak heat lamps. There were a few Oregon and California wines with a wandering chef serving food. The whole experience was quite weak. We didn’t last there very long.

The four of us ended up going to Buck & Rider for dinner. It’s an upscale crab shack in the Arcadia neighborhood serving up seafood (mostly crab and lobster deliciousness) including sushi. It’s definitely a “place-to-be-seen” these days. I was really hungry by the time we got there and gorged on sushi and a tequila-ginger cocktail. Since I am running a private LLS-organized race (Frank’s race) early tomorrow morning, sushi and a cocktail will have to do as my carbo-load.

Frank (whose honor the race is being organized for) was a coach for LLS but passed away a couple of years ago. AT least 50 runners are expected to show up for this event early tomorrow morning. I didn’t know Frank but completely support the cause. It’ll be near freezing tomorrow morning. It should make for good running conditions.

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