Running instead of biking today

Cloudy skies over McDowell Mountains

I had made plans to go biking with Kristi, Katie and Mike in Fountain Hills. I was admittedly lazy this morning and made excuses to chicken out. My left calf had a small niggle but it was nothing that should have held me back. I felt somewhat bad but not enough to brave the cold early in the morning. Kristi, Katie or Mike, if you are reading this, sorry (but not really).

In the afternoon, B and I went to The Village. I ran outdoors for exactly 5 miles at a gingerly average of 8:29 per mile. It was a slow run today as I was managing my heartrate mostly in level 1 and low level 2 ranges. It was cloudy and chilly all day making the first mile of the run uncomfortable but the rest of it very comfortable. The niggle in my calf is already gone!

Since I am running the London Marathon in April, we booked tickets; more on that tomorrow.

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