2016 travel plans > India, UK, Italy, Jordan, Germany, India

HAPPY BIRTHDAY NAMAN. Nobody I know travels more than Naman. Nobody.

In 2016, I may come close. Maybe! At a high level, my International trips in 2016 will be:

  • January-February: India
  • April: UK, Italy, Jordan
  • September: Germany
  • November: India again
My tickets for January-Febuary are already booked. Today, we booked tickets for the London Marathon in April. It’s a super-exciting itinerary:
  • April 20: Depart Phoenix to London
  • April 21, 22, 23, 24: In London
  • April 24: Run the London Marathon
  • April 25: Depart London to Rome
  • April 25, 26: In Rome and Vatican City
  • April 27: Depart Rome to Amman, Jordan
  • April 27, 28, 29: In Amman and Petra, Jordan
  • April 30: Depart Amman to Phoenix with a stopover in London
The London Marathon is on my bucket list. Visiting Petra is also on my bucket list. This will be the most amazing trip. Now I have something to look forward to as soon as I return from India!
Today is Monday. It’s rest day. This is race week. On Sunday, I will run the Arizona Rock ‘n’ Roll half marathon. Missy is doing better. Work is rocking. I am back to biking again. Life is good!

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