Clutter in my brain

Lovely day for a run

I have several things on my mind these days. It’s mostly exciting stuff but also some concerning stuff. Here is a list of what’s on my mind in random order:

  • The Arizona Rock ‘n’ Roll is this Sunday. I still haven’t even started race prep but I’m excited.
  • I leave on a two week vacation to India on the 27th of Jan. I’m super-excited.
  • Missy’s health is up and down. I’m sad and feel helpless. Some days she chases the ball and barks, but other days she is lethargic.
  • I’m running the Phoenix Marathon 10k. It will be an all-out run to try and PR. When I think about it, I’m nervous; but I barely think about it (yet)!
  • I’m super excited about the London, Rome, Petra trip in April. I’m also excited about the London Marathon.
  • Work is busy for me and Binita these days; it is taking up too much of our time. Hohum.
  • Politics? No, that’s barely on my mind. I still think it will be Rubio versus Clinton and Clinton will take win to become the first woman president of the United States.
  • A bit of TV? Yes. We are watching “The Americans” and just finished a 6-part series called “The Story of India.” Both are quite good.
  • Our swimming pool filtration system is busted. Ugh! We have concluded that the more you have, the more stuff breaks. I’m annoyed but at least none of the smoke detectors are chirping.
  • A little bit of my brain-space is taken up by ideas and the future. On my mind constantly are Snapathon and bacpac. It’s a passive excitement for both.
  • What else? That covers most of it. Thank god that so-called mainstream sports are pretty much never on my mind (e.g. football, basketball, baseball).
  • Oh, lately there have been lots of conversations about the Powerball lottery. Apparently the jackpot is something like $1.3 billion. I put in ten bucks in our office pool, but it is definitely not on my mind.

Daily training is perpetually on my mind too but I consider that routine now. It goes hand-in-hand with daily chores like brushing my teeth, taking a shower, wearing clothes, etc. etc.

Speaking of training, I ran today for 5.8 miles around the Parsus office at a pace of 8:10 per mile. It was a perfect day to run. The sun was shining, there was no wind and temperatures was around 60 degrees. It doesn’t get much better than that for relaxed running!

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