Feeling helpless

Since I blog daily, sometimes my posts are repetitious. It’s like life. People tend to do the same thing at the same time on the same day over and over again. For example, a lot of religions Christians go to church on Sunday mornings week after week after week. A lot of bicycle enthusiasts go out for their long rides on Saturday mornings. I tend to do the same thing lately every Wednesday evening; cardio sculpt class with Jaime! Today was no different. It was the usual high-energy class, high-intensity class. You can see my heartrate spiking into the high 150s and my cadence fluctuating wildly between 0 and almost 250. That’s the way Jaime drives us!

Missy is unwell again. Her issues with her pancreas have intensified. She got some intravenous fluids and medicine today and has to go in again tomorrow. She will be at the vet all day tomorrow. It makes me sad to see her uncomfortable. She has been clingy and expects me to make her better. I feel helpless…

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