Arizona Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon on Sunday

I have run the Arizona Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon for a few years now. I first ran it in 2010 on a whim (when I didn’t own a Garmin) and had a pretty good race with pretty much zero training. Since then, the course has changed. It is a lot harder now with a steep uphill between mile 9 and 10. Here are my results over the past 5 years:

We’ll see what this year holds. The course remains tough this year (no change since 2014). My over-under is 1:44 which paces just under 8-minutes per mile. With the race on Sunday, I rested today.

Missy is back home and feeling better. She was at the vet all day but heartily ate her food after she got home. I will take her to an internist for an ultrasound tomorrow. For now, I’m glad she is feeling better! One day at a time…

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