Unmotivated fartleks

When Missy is happy and healthy, I am happy and (usually) healthy. In a dog’s life, 6 months is a long time. She’s been lethargic for more than 6 months but today she wanted to play with the ball and her favorite stuffed toy (Mr. Bear).

Physically, I still feel lethargic. I forced myself to go out on a tough fartlek run around the Parsus office today. I started easy for 10 minutes and then did 6 x 90 second hard intervals with 60 seconds rest. This was followed up by 10 x 60 second hard intervals with 30 seconds rest. I cooled down for 10 minutes. All in all, it was only 50 minutes but it felt really longer and harder.

As you can see (left below), I paced a respectable 7:45 per mile in spite of easy first and last mile splits. You can also see (left above) how I paced during these intervals.

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