A day in Chicago with old friends

I thought about going out running again today but decided against it. The swimming pool equipment at our house has given us lots of headaches over the past couple of months but it was fixed today. The service folks were here all afternoon installing a new board and a wifi receiver/transmitter to allow control using an app. By the end of the day, it was working flawlessly. We can now control the pool and spa with iAquaLink on the iPad or iPhone. I was home all afternoon babysitting this.

I leave for India on Wednesday. I’ll spend a day in Chicago with my old friends from my days in Ohio and then head out. A few of the Pipeline board members will join me in India. We plan to visit the orphanages in Odisha (eastern India) and Visamo in Ahmedabad (western India). While I am excited about the trip, the timing is definitely off. Binita can’t come and Missy is not completely back to normal. She continues to improve with every passing day though.

For London Marathon training, I rested today. Tomorrow is long run day (an hour and forty-five minutes).

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