Rest and travel week shaping up

I leave for Chicago on Wednesday. I’ll spend a day there with Sande and Kevin and then fly to India on Thursday. I don’t like to train the day before I fly.

Today is Monday; hence it is rest day. Tomorrow (Tuesday) is the day before I fly. Wednesday evening and part of Thursday, I will be in cold cold Chicago. Thursday and Friday I will fly to India via Frankfurt. This week will be rest week for there will be no time to train. If things fall my way, I will run on Saturday and Sunday in Mumbai on Marine Drive. We shall see…

You can see in the picture (left) that I am taking lots and lots of chocolates to India. We will distribute these in the orphanages we will visit in Odisha and Gujarat. I’m sad that Binita is not coming with me. I’m sad that I am leaving Missy behind. I’m also excited about the trip. It’s bittersweet.

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