Day 2: Let the festivities begin

After a weeklong hiatus, I finally went out for a run today. It was hot and humid and foggy and smoky here in Mumbai. I ran up and down Marine drive dodging hundreds of people at around 7AM. I can’t say it was a comfortable run. My heartrate was revving too high probably because of the humidity and impurities in the atmosphere, but I ended up running 10k (6.2 miles) at a pace of 8:18 per mile with my heartrate into the 150s for most of the run. I saw plenty of interesting sights including hundreds of seabirds, yoga by the bay and hundreds of kids getting ready to march to end child labor. It was vibrant!

After a hearty breakfast, changing into something presentable, it was time for a family lunch at my cousin Gopi’s place. It’s always nice to mingle with dozens of relatives and good friends. I’m here for Mana’s son’s wedding functions. Dev will be married on February 2!

Since I am still jet-lagged, I took a nap in the afternoon before getting ready for a rockin’ “Sangeet” performed by friends and family of the bride and groom, Bollywood style. The festivities went on late into the night. Another long day has come to an end here in India.

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